How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

How to Create a Pinterest Business Account

In today’s digital era of new technologies, Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms to promote your business with the targeted audience and to get a huge amount of reach for free. Creating a Pinterest business account is one of the best decisions because it has 450 million active users, which is helpful for business growth.

Pinterest itself allows you to promote your business using paid ads. If you have an understanding of SEO, then you can also promote it for free by applying some strategies to your business profile. Signing up for a Pinterest account is easy. The information below will show you how to create a Pinterest business account and set up professionally.

Sign Up Your Pinterest Account

Sign Up for Your Account

First of all, you have to create an account for Pinterest. It is free to sign up. You can do this by using your email or social media account. If you have created your account, just follow the same information defined below.

If You Already Have an Account

If You Already Have An Account

If you have an account on Pinterest, you can also convert it to a business account. To covert, open your Pinterest profile home feed; at the top right, next to your profile pic/logo, there is a drop-down option; click on it, and there you can see an option “Convert to business.” Select it. It will open a new window where you can see the difference between the personal and business accounts. Once you are ready, click the “Upgrade” button to convert your account.

Describe Your Business

Your account should have relevant information. You can select the “option” that perfectly describes your business.

Your Pinterest Business Account Information

1. You have to select the brand name that you want to keep on Pinterest.

2. Select your region/country.

3. Add your business website link to redirect customers. Adding a website link is helpful. Don’t skip this step.

4. Add your business goals. You can add up to 3 business goals.

5. Select the focus of your brand, like Fashion, DIY and crafts, beauty, health and fitness, etc.

6. Now, you have different options like “Share ideas”, “Claim your website”, and “Showcase your website”. You can select any of them and complete the process, but don’t worry; you can always do the remaining things later.

How to Claim Your Website on Pinterest

How to Claim Your Website on Pinterest?

Pinterest allows you to verify your website, which helps you boost your profile’s authenticity and also enables you to access valuable analytics. To claim your website, go to “Settings.” There, you can find “Claimed accounts”. The website option will show you a button that says “Claim.” Click on it, and it will show you three options: “Add HTML tag”, “Upload HTML file”, and “Add TXT record”. You can follow any of them to claim your website on your Pinterest business account.

Edit Your Pinterest Profile

Edit Your Profile

As your business profile is created. Now, you have to put additional information to SEO optimize your account. Go to “Settings” and “Edit profile”. Upload your High-quality business logo to attract your customers. Add business information in the “About” section. You can put relevant Keywords for SEO purposes. Further information you can add like Pronouns, Username, Email address, Country code, Phone number, Address, etc

Explore the world of Pinterest to represent your business as millions of active users are willing to engage with something creative, informative, and helpful. Start creating Business-related Pins and Boards. Organize them, and win your business goals.

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