Pinterest Downloader For PC / Mac and iPhone / IOS

Pinterest Downloader for PC

Pinterest is one of the most popular online platforms used by people daily. Many users rely on Pinterest to find creative ideas and information. However, we often want to save the videos on our PC. Pinterest itself doesn’t allow you to save videos directly.

We have developed the best Free online Pinterest downloader for PC. It helps to download videos, images, and GIFs with the lightning speed. We don’t track users’ personal information. Our PinVideoDownloader is safe and secure from viruses.

Pinterest Downloader For PC To Download Pinterest Videos

Getting Pinterest videos on a Mac or PC is easy. By following the guide below, you can save from Pinterest.

There are 4 steps to download Pinterest videos instantly on your PC/Mac.

1. Open the Pinterest website and select the video you want to save on your PC/Mac.

2. On the Top of your browser, there is a URL in the search box. Copy the URL of the video.

3. Go to our PinVideoDownloader. In the download box, paste the link you have copied from Pinterest.

4. Now, Click on “Download” Button.
Your file will start downloading onto your device.

How To Save Pinterest Videos On Your iPhone / IOS

To save videos on your iPhone you can use our free downloader. Our PinVideoDownloader works on all IOS versions. Follow the steps below to save from Pinterest easily on your device.

There are 5 steps to download Pinterest videos instantly on your iPhone.

1. Open the Pinterest app on your phone.

2. Select the video that you would like to download.

3. There are three dots ••• at the top right. You have to Click on it. You will see different options there. You have to click on “Copy link”. After that, the link will be copied.

4. Go to our PinVideoDownloader, and in the download box paste the copied link.

5. Your file will start downloading to your iPhone by clicking on the “Download” button.

PinVideoDownloader makes it easy to save from Pinterest on your iPhone.

How To Save From Pinterest Without Using Any Downloader?

Pinterest allows you to save GIFs and Images directly to your device. It is easy to download GIFs and images to any device using the Pinterest app on an iPhone, Android, PC, or Mac. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions. 

There are 4 steps to save from Pinterest.

1. Open the Pinterest app and select the GIF/Image you want to download.

2. Click on the Three dots ••• at the top right of the screen.

3. You can see an option for Image “Download image”.

4. Click on it to save it on your device.

Features of PinVideoDownloader

Free online High-Quality video downloader with full HD MP4 videos in 1080p resolution.

Download unlimited Pinterest videos, GIFs, and images for free.

No Login or Registration.

No software installation.

One-click, Easy, and fast Instant video downloading.

Safe and Secure online video downloader, compatible with all devices.

Start downloading Pinterest videos using our Pinterest downloader for PC. It provides you unlimited online free, safe, and secure downloading. Make sure you only download content that is allowed by the owner.