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Download GIF From Link

PinVideoDownloader is a free online tool for downloading Pinterest GIFs to your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Our Pinterest GIF Downloader is a safe and secure online tool, and you can save unlimited High-Quality GIF files without a watermark.

GIF files are a popular way for people to share content. They are much smaller than videos and easy to share and download. Pinterest allows you to download GIFs directly from their website and app. It is helpful for those who don’t want to use any tool.

How to use Pinterest GIF Downloader?


#1. Copy GIF URL

From Pinterest, Copy the GIF URL to download.

Paste the Copied link Pinterest Gif Downloader

#2. Paste links

Paste the URL of the GIF you have copied from Pinterest.


#3. Download

Select the “Download” Button to start downloading GIFs on your device.

How to Download GIFs Directly From Pinterest?

Downloading GIFs from Pinterest is easy and helpful for those who want to save GIFs directly from the Pinterest website or app. Pinterest offers a built-in download option for GIF files, so you don’t need any other tool to download them with any external assistance.

To Download Pinterest GIFs Using The Website, Follow These Steps:


1- Click on the GIF file that you would like to download.

2- Click on the Three dots ••• at the top right of the screen.

3- Now, you should see an option that says “Download Image.” you have to Click on it.

4- The Pinterest GIF will now be downloaded to your device.

To Download Pinterest GIFs Using The App, Follow These Steps:


#1. Select GIF

Choose the Pinterest GIF you want to save on your phone.


#2. Select ••• Dots

At the top right there are three ••• dots, click on it.


#3. Download GIF

Click on “Download Image.” Your Pinterest GIF will be downloaded onto your device.

Features of PinVideoDownloader

Our PinVideoDownloader tool is the best solution for downloading unlimited Pinterest GIFs free online.

Download High-Quality GIFs

Instant Downloader

No registration or software installation

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Compatible with any device

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FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Pinterest GIFs are safe. You can save from Pinterest using our Downloader tool, which prioritizes user safety, ensuring no viruses or malware.

If you are facing problems in downloading GIFs directly from Pinterest. You should try our Pinterest GIF downloader to download High-Quality GIF files without watermark.

Yes, you can save Pinterest GIFs to your camera roll. If you are facing any issues then try our GIF downloader to download Gifs from Pinterest.

No account registration. Download Pinterest images online directly to your device.

To download online GIFs from Pinterest, select the GIF file on Pinterest, click on three dots ••• in the top right corner, and then select “Download Image.”

After downloading, check the “Download Folder.” If you have changed the save location, you should check there.

Yes, it is a free tool to help people.

You can download unlimited GIF files online for free.

Download Pinterest GIFs that you love and want to save on your device. You can download unlimited GIFs using our Pinterest downloader tool, which is safe and secure. However, remember that downloading other’s material without permission is not a good practice. Only download GIFs that are free to use.